iPhone & iPad Mockups

Just replace the image in your Webflow designer in the correct format. The device is vector-based and sharp at any size. The screen image will adjust to the device on a percentage basis.

Pro tip: the best way is to make the iPhone a Webflow symbol (component) so you can easily replace the image via the element settings.

Video how to use them:

iPhone 14 Pro– Gold
Screenshot: 393 x 852 @2x
iPhone 14 Pro– Space Black
Screenshot: 393 x 852 @2x
iPhone 14 Pro– Deep Purpble
Screenshot: 393 x 852 @2x

iPhone 12 & iPad Pro Mockups

iPhone 12 – Graphite
iPhone 12 – Silver
iPhone 12 – Pacific Blue

Easy to use with background videos as well

iPhone 12 – Silver

Mockups with shadows

You have to change the shadow values in the embed element. If you want to use shadows you still can use Webflow symbols (see iPhone example below).

How to use it